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Telecom Regulation (TRAI)

TRAI is an independent authority of the telecommunications sector in India. TRAI Regulations help in bulk SMS/Voice business and keeps getting updated from time to time.

TRAI Updates Its Regulations On:

  • Promotional SMS.
  • Transactional SMS.
  • Broadcasting to classified categories.
  • DND Scrubbing.
  • Sending Time.
  • Termination charges.
  • Sender Name.
  • Penalty Fees, etc.,

Text messaging in India comes with a few regulations and restrictions. No matter whichever industry you are into you must comply with the guidelines before sending bulk SMS. The primary rule to remember is that you can only send marketing messages to recipients who have opted-in to receive these messages. All SMS content sent from the transactional route needs to be transactional and should not contain any promotional content. Doing so is an unethical practice, violates the TRAI regulations and can result in a heavy penalty. Despite being on the NDNC list, if you still receive marketing SMS it is considered illegal and TRAI encourages to file a complaint against companies following illegal practices. In case of a DND complaint, the marketer would be required to produce the opt-in details for a user. Failing to do so can attract a penalty from INR 25,000 to INR 2,75,000.

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