IVR Service

An IVR system provides pre-recorded voice responses for appropriate situations to access relevant data such as Transfer Call to Agent, play a Pre-Recorded Voice Clip, ask user to record a voice mail, Etc. Reduce caller waiting time and direct them to the concerned department or agent to highly organized business communication system with an IVR call center number.

Key Features of IVR Service :

  • Our fully automated, cloud-based IVR services eliminate the hassles of hardware installation, maintenance, and operation, allowing businesses to set-up their virtual call center in no time, with features like, redial, hold, directory and more.
  • You can easily login and access the complete call data, dashboard and CRM, from within the panel. This is best to easily manage agents and keep them updated about the ongoing or finished tasks. user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage.
  • Send an SMS notification to acknowledge inbound calls with additional benefits such as polling, surveys, call-back request generation, and more.
  • Provide quick, uninterrupted support to your customers. Record all customer messages on voicemail on non-working hours and off days. You never miss a business lead with our cloud IVR solutions.
  • Record all calls, maintain call logs and share the status of the call (connected/not connected/missed) on your IVR Number. Further push this data to your CRM or use the recordings for internal training purpose.
  • Configure sophisticated IVR call flows with menu as well as multiple sub-menu options.
  • Our IVR allows you to block unwanted callers while prioritizing important calls and clients


  • PRICE - 2,500
  • MINUTES - Unlimited
  • GST-18% - 450
  • TOTAL PRICE - 2,950
  • VALIDITY - 1 Month
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  • PRICE - 4,700
  • MINUTES - Unlimited
  • GST-18% - 846
  • TOTAL PRICE - 5,546
  • VALIDITY - 3 Month
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  • PRICE - 6,800
  • MINUTES - Unlimited
  • GST-18% - 1,224
  • TOTAL PRICE - 8,024
  • VALIDITY - 6 Month
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  • PRICE - 11,400
  • MINUTES - Unlimited
  • GST-18% - 2,052
  • TOTAL PRICE - 13,452
  • VALIDITY - 1 year
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