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    Common Bulk SMS FAQs

    What are the advantages of your SMS service?
    Ans. Single and Bulk Messaging, Grouping Functionality, Low Per Message, Fee Zero up front cost Fast Delivery.

    Can I take a trial of your service before I buy some credits?
    Ans. Yes. We can offer you some complimentary Free credits when you Register for our services.

    How can I see a demo or test the bulk sms system?
    Ans. Simply Email US info@questerwebtech.com or call us +91-9090965737. Get a username password and see demo - send sms from website.

    How many minimum credits can I purchase?
    Ans. You can purchase a minimum of 10,000 bulk sms credits.

    Is there a limit to how many numbers I can send at one time?
    Ans. We recommend a maximum of 10000 numbers. You can still try more than that.

    What is the normal sms delivery time?
    Ans. Normally a sms gets delivered in 2-60 seconds. But on several day when the traffic is high (Like New year day) or there is network congestion or some other technical issue might cause unavoidable delay.

    Can I send long sms messages?
    Ans. Yes you can send long sms messages. You will be charged 1 sms credit for every 160 characters long sms. (i.e. if the message if of 161 character or above you will be charges for multiple sms credits).

    I haven't received the sms I sent right now?
    Ans. Normally you will receive the sms in couple of seconds after sending sms. Still sms might be late due to some technical reason. Additionally sms is not delivered to numbers which are out of coverage, switched off or message box full, etc reasons.

    How will I come to know that my message is delivered?
    Ans. We keep records of all the messages sent by you in last 24 hrs. minimum. You can login and check the status at "Sent Message" in report section.

    What is the validity of Credits I purchase?
    Ans. You will get validity depending on the scheme you buy.

    How can I make a payment for SMS credit?
    Ans. There are 4 ways you can make a payment by using a credit card, through DD/CQ, by cash and through Fund transfer. Payment Option

    How long does it take before credits bought are added to my account?
    Ans. If you made the payment through credit card, fund transfer and by cash the credits bought immediately gets added to your account within 1hours due to setting up your account. If you have selected your mode of payment as Demand Draft / Cheque the credits will get added to your account once we have received payment for the same.

    I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?
    Ans. You can retrieve your password by visiting our website's Forget password option. It's available in Login page. If you will not receive, Please mail us at info@questerwebtech.com or Call Us +91-9090965737

    How do I manage my contacts/phonebook?
    Ans. You can manage your contacts by adding contacts one by one or by uploading your contacts File.

    How I find my sender id?
    Ans. You can see your sender id by login to the website panel.

    Why our messages are not delivering?
    Ans. Might be your number in NDNC registry, or in unreachable condition.

    What is a short code service?
    Ans. Short code service is two ways communication method.

    What is the advantage of short code services?
    Ans. You can receive messages form your customer too.

    Maximum length of short code auto responder?
    Ans. Maximum length of short code auto responder is 160 characters.

    What is developer API?
    Ans. Developer API (Application Programming Interface) is a medium which provides the options to request and execute the SMS functionalities. Our HTTP based API extends our sms functionalities by allowing you to integrate the sms features with your Web and Desktop applications.

    How do I view my sent messages?
    Ans. Log in to your "My Account" area. Click on "SENT BOX" The exact message sent to a particular mobile number is displayed there.

    What is Excel Plugin Software?
    Ans. Excel Plugin Software is the component which can be integrated with MS Excel. This is the easiest way to send out bulk SMS messages from your desktop.

    What is DND?
    Ans. Mobile numbers which is registered with NDNC registry called DND numbers.

    Promotional Bulk SMS FAQs

    Why Promotional SMS?
    Ans. Promotional SMS Are Commonly Used For advertisement propose.

    Can I send Promotional SMS to DND NUMBERS?
    Ans. No, Promotional SMS's can not be sent to DND (Do Not Disturb) Numbers.

    Can I have multiple sender ID's for a single account?
    Ans. Yes, you can have more than one Sender ID for a Single Account.

    Does Sender ID need approval for Promotional Rout SMS?
    Ans. Yes, Sender ID should be approved by default.

    Will I be charged to non-delivered numbers?
    Ans. No the credits are refunded back for the sms which are not delivered due to NDNC subscription.

    How to filter NDNC numbers?
    Ans. Number registers to NDNC or National Do not call services have applied not to receive any marketing sms/call. Our system filters this kind of numbers while sending sms.

    Transactional Bulk SMS FAQs

    Why Transactional Route SMS?
    Ans. Transactional SMS Routes Are Commonly Used For Sending Critical Informational Messages. We Strongly Discourage Spamming And Bring This Solution Only For GENUINE Firms Which Use SMS Services As An Integral Part Of Their Operations For Sending Transactional Messages.

    Does Transactional SMS have Sender ID?
    Ans. Yes, you can have Send ID for sending Transactional SMS.
    Sender ID should be of 6 capital alphabets representing the brand/service/ industry
    Ex: Sender ID
    B- Stands for "BSNL" it's a "Service provider".
    O-Stands for "Odisha" a "Service Circle"
    "-" - Delimiter
    ABCDEF- is the "sender ID" of six alphabets representing a brand or organization or service sending the Transactional SMS.

    Can I have multiple sender ID's for a single account?
    Ans. No, you can only have a One Sender ID for a Single Account.

    Does Sender ID need approval?
    Ans. Yes, Sender ID should be approved from TRAI.

    Will there be any time period for Sending SMS?
    Ans. No, there is no time period for sending Transactional SMS You can send Transactional SMS round the clock 24/7 all the 365 days.

    Can I send Transactional SMS to DND NUMBERS?
    Ans. Yes, Transactional SMS's can be sent to DND (Do Not Disturb) Numbers.

    What are the requirements for using Transactional SMS?
    Ans. You just need to fill an undertaking letter and submit Templates for the approval of TRAI.

    What details should be included in undertaking letter?

    • Undertaking letter with company Letter Head duly signed.
    • Category & User name under which you want to send Transactional SMS.

    Why undertaking letter?
    Ans. Undertaking letter is used for sending the user particulars for TRAI approval.

    What does the Template contain?
    Ans. A Template is predefined message which has to be sent. Transactional SMS works with template based messaging.

    How many templates can I have?
    Ans. You can have many templates as much you want.

    Do my Templates require TRAI approval?
    Ans. Yes, Template should be approved by TRAI.

    What Happens If I send SMS without TRAI approval?
    Ans. The SMS Template will not be sent.

    What happens if I made changes to template after the TRAI approval?
    Ans. The SMS template will not be sent if u add/modify even a single space in the SMS Template.

    What happens when I get Transactional SMS approval?
    Ans. You will get an Email with your account details as following
    User name, Password (can be changed) and credits.

    How can I send SMS after all the procedure?
    Ans. You can just login with your User ID & password in http://sms.questersms.com and start sending SMS to your SMS data.

    I did not find my question on your FAQ list.
    Ans. Kindly mail us all your queries or suggestions to info@questerwebtech.com . We are happy to help you.